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22.11.2021 - 14:34

Passonate and expert knowledge with team since 2015 based on image processing capabilities with value-added offering Ayvos data; machine learning, neural networks and deep learning-based image processing-based value-added software and automationsystems is developing. Eray Hangül, one of the Co-Founders of Ayvos, who we interviewed on behalf of, told about Ayvos for Mall Report readers.

In which areas do you offer solutions to your customers as Ayvos?

Ayvos develops image processing based value added software and automation systems based on machine learning, neural networks and deep learning. Our products solve many problems at different verticals like;

Advertisement & Marketing
Work & Health Safety
Face Recognition based Fraud Detection

Our mission is by solving complex problems based on Image Processing, we are enriching and sharing our knowledge. Different vertical solution summaries can be viewed on our dedicated websites.

Camera is very powerful sensor and extracting meaning from image data facilitates many problems solving mechanism at a proper way. Ayvos will serve value added data through its image processing abilities which sit on a know how since 2015 with its expert passionate team.

At what points do you provide services to the retail sector with Ayvos Retail?

Ayvos Retail’s artificial intelligence-based image processing technologies allow customers visiting your stores and offices to reveal age ranges and genders from their demographic characteristics.

With this technology, you can also observe your customers' emotions and learn about their visiting experience and collect the data needed to improve this experience.
With Ayvos Retail, you can count individual customers visiting your store and calculate their return rates. Also keep your employees away from this data.

Ayvos Retail helps to you analyze the density of your stores and plan your service processes based on this data. In this way, you can avoid potential revenue losses as well as customer satisfaction.

You can measure customer traffic in front of the store and the potential for your share of this 

traffic. In order to attract more customers to your store, you can perform actions such as window 

display editing, video or audio interaction.

You can get more accurate decision when choosing location for your store and pop-up points.In this way,  you can avoid possible wrong location choices.

The world's leading brands have already started to enhance their customers' shopping experiences by combining customer imagery and sales data. Take advantage of Ayvos Retail technology before your competitors. 

We know that you attach great importance to research and development by woking with the motto “”AR&GE is in Our Genes”. What kind of team do you work with?

We are a passionate team of 12 people who focus on computer vision in order to generate value added data by analyzing any camera stream. Since 2015; we build and develop our own “any object detector and tracker” framework which is capable of detecting human, animal, vehicle ... etc. any object and track the behaviour changes of the related object through a timestamp based logging.