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07.01.2022 - 14:32

You were among the global companies at the Clean Eurasia Expo 2021 held in Istanbul. What were your impressions about the fair, how did it contribute to your company?

Turkey has become an important production center especially under the new circumstances stipulated after the covid-19 pandemic, and we are reinforcing this role with the steps we take every day. We are in a competitive position with our dynamic population of 80 million and our advanced production and logistics infrastructure. As a company, we try to make the most of the opportunities generated by this situation. In addition to being the manager of the Karpaks, I am also the chairman of TEMSIAD, Turkey's largest Business People's Association in the Cleaning Industry. Istanbul is not only the heart of Eurasia, it is one of the most important cities in the world. It has always been an exciting goal for us to organize an international cleaning fair in our country and host professionals from all over the world in Istanbul. It is important for us that we took these steps. We hosted visitors from 44 countries and it was a very productive fair. As a company, we had the chance to establish new contacts and collaborations.

Can you tell us about your investments and projects abroad?

As Karpaks, we started out as a multinational brand. We came together with business people from 6 countries and formulated our product portfolio to produce the best solutions for the needs of professional cleaning service providers with international quality standards. Currently we have production facilities in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, and a distribution network that delivers our products to professionals in 35 countries. Our goal is to expand our market share in the countries where we currently operate and establish long-term cooperation in new countries. Doing business with people from different parts of the world and solving their problems is the best part of our job. We have managed to establish a very large network in just 2 years, and we continue on our path.

What makes your brand different?

Do you have any new projects? Since we operate in industrial groups, our customer consumption is high. Logistics have a high share in the total cost especially in international sales. We produce products with a very high concentration to eliminate this disadvantage. This allows the customer to gain a signifi cant advantage in terms of unit cost. We continue our new projects in this direction. We focus on how much added value we can fi t into a container. This way we enable our customers to save up to 20% in their annual detergent expenses without compromising on quality.