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13.11.2019 - 16:28

Our “F1 Series brings the excitement of Formula 1 to the entertainment centers with a variety of stunning racing simulators with high motion technology. In the “F1 Series F1, the F1 Halfbody VR draws attention with its light and low-compact body and colorful design.

F1 Halfbody VR brings the virtual reality to the track with the half-body replica of the unforgettable F1 car. F1 Halfbody VR is the latest favorite of amusement parks, entertainment centers in malls, hotels and many other places we did not think of. We now offer multiple racing possibilities upon our customers’ request! 
One of our recent collaborations is the one with D-BOX Technologies in Canada. Throughout our experience in R&D of motion Technologies, we found them to have the most precise motion actuators with a high range of motion to offer. I am glad to announce that we have established a partnership with D-BOX Technologies since they also recognized the quality and reliability of our simulators.
On top of that, we have developed the “Playmotion Manager” mobile app for all racing lovers around the 36 plus countries that our simulators are located at to track their scores and performance and compete with other around the World. “Playmotion Manager” is also a great advantage for our customers that place our simulators in their property. As a successful loyalty program, it brings back customers continuously.
Another legendary racing simulator group we are proud to present in Playmotion brand is the “Rally Series”. “Rally Series” with its precise yet aggressive motion technology brings the excitement of Rally to the entertainment enthusiasts in virtual reality in our challenging tracks. The outstanding WRS Rally Simulator VR in the “Rally Series” offers a realistic racing experience. WRS Rally Simulator VR brings the user into the game with its superior motion technology, special software and high quality special sound system. 
AMEGA's F1 Halfbody passion of users who want to experience a true racing experience. I highly suggest your readers to find our simulators in Turkey and around the World and give them a try.