Çiğ köfte, a local flavour, has blended with fast food culture in the recent years and has become widespread in every corner of Turkey. We talked to Murat Ateşşahin, the owner of Hazarhan Çiğ Köfte, about the fact that Çiğ Köfte has become a part of everyone’s meals in a short time.

How many branches do you currently have as Hazarhan Çiğ Köfte, how will your investments in this sector grow in the short and medium term?

Turkey’s rising value Hazarhan, as a corporate çiğ köfte brand, has been in the sector for many years. We serve our customers with 22 vendors throughout Turkey and 95 sales points in total. We continue our negotiations with investor companies from many parts of the world willing to become a partner of our brand. We aim to increase the number of our branches to 1,000 in the next 5 years and to increase our monthly net earnings to USD 1.000,000 and our brand value to USD 100.000,000. After 10 years, we aim to increase the number of our branches to 5,000, our monthly net earnings to USD 5.000,000 and our market brand value to USD 500.000,000.

There is a great demand for çiğ köfte in recent years. What makes you different from your competitors in the sector?

Yes, you’re quite right. In recent years, there has been a great and strong interest in çiğ köfte. The reason for this is that the price of çiğ köfte is economically affordable. It is also a very important traditional food in terms of flavour, quality and health. The high interest and attention of our people to çiğ köfte is due to these reasons. Our feature that makes us different from our other competitors in the çiğ köfte sector is that; we focus more on making organic çiğ köfte, not fabricated ones. We pay great attention that the materials we use are of 1st quality and healthy. We pay utmost attention and importance to hygiene. Therefore, we are a popular çiğ köfte brand in Turkey.

What do you think about the combination of çiğ köfte, a local and traditional flavour, with fast food consumption culture?

The fast food sector has rapidly spread in Turkey in the last 15-20 years. This is because people want to satisfy the need to eat as soon as possible due to their daily hustle and rush and intensity. Therefore, fast food has become an essential need. Consumption of çiğ köfte as fast food has become widespread in recent years. We, as Hazarhan Çiğ Köfte, have adopted the principle of offering our çiğ köfte products to people in the fastest way. In addition, the food delivery service system had become more common with the impact of the pandemic. People now demand food products to be delivered to them. We, as Hazarhan Çiğ Köfte, have adopted the principle of delivering çiğ köfte to our customers quickly.

Last but not least, what would you like to add?

I would like to mention a few sectors that have risen during the pandemic period; the grocery sector comes first among these sectors. The çiğ köfte sector comes in second place. In other words, even in the pandemic, the çiğ köfte sector has been the second highest rising sector. For this reason, we invite our entrepreneur candidates to the çiğ köfte sector. Çiğ köfte sector, a business that can be established with very little capital, has been one of the most profitable sectors in Turkey. We invite our entrepreneurs to become a vendor of Hazarhan Çiğ Köfte, which is rapidly rising in its sector