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In our May issue, where we conducted an interview with Renaud Capris, CEO of Enova, who stated that they are constantly increasing their presence in new countries with the projects they have implemented and continue to offer new energyefficient solutions. Capris explained the services they offer in the field of energy and facility management for our readers.

Can we get to know Enova, in which field do you become the solution partner of your customers with the services you offer?

Marking two decades of operations in MENAT, Enova is the regional leader in integrated energy and multi-technical services, covering 8 countries, namely, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon and, most recently, Turkey. We offer comprehensive and performance-based energy and facilities management solutions with renewable energy to our clients in order to help achieve their financial, operational, and environmental targets. With four ESCO (energy service company) accreditations in the region, Enova serves the Middle East’s largest international airports, healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, shopping malls, and metros and trams.

Could you tell us about the added value and advantages you provide to your customers with the services you offer in the field of energy and facility management?

In delivering integrated energy and facilities managment services for buildings, Enova helps clients sustain and accelerate their growth through four main avenues, including control of operational and utilities costs;

higher attractiveness of the buildings; extension of the infrastructure and asset lifespan; and the reduction of their environmental footprint. The last point is becoming increasingly important, with demand from clients looking to reduce their carbon footprint growing exponentially. I am happy that all of our projects – present, past, and future – are contributing to a better world. We are proud to say that, to date, Enova has saved over 430,000 tons of CO2 emissions for our clients, and almost TRY1.75 billion in energy savings. In addition to maintaining or possibly accelerating our annual growth rate, Enova is continuously looking to increase our presence in new countries and introducing new energy-efficient solutions. For example, we recently expanded geographically into Turkey, which is a sizable market with a great deal of interest in our energy-efficient products.

What is the place of digitalization in your energy and facility management services, how do you blend your services with technology by using your global expertise in line with customer needs?

At the core of Enova’s service excellence guarantee is Hubgrade, Enova’s smart monitoring center. Through Hubgrade’s real-time dashboards, our clients receive predictive models and advanced data analysis of energy consumption, revealing opportunities to reduce resource usage in order to meet their sustainability objectives. By integrating energy performance with facilities management solutions, Enova enables organizations in both the public and private sectors to focus on their own operations and core competencies.

Which sectors do your innovative business models in the field of solar energy that you offer within Enova cover, can you also tell us about the details of your business models that you offer specifically for shopping malls?

Over the past seven years or so, we have seen substantial focus being placed on renewable energy, which is one of Enova’s core areas of expertise. Countries in the region are taking steps to become carbon-neutral by 2030-2050, and Enova offers support in two important areas for achieving this goal; cultivating energy efficiency and leveraging solar energy. Supporting regional organizations with net-zero and sustainability strategy goals, Enova is anticipating sizeable growth opportunities in 2023 from the transportation (9 international airports and 2 metro & tram networks), healthcare (6 hopitals and clinics), hospitality 30 hotels and residences), retail (47 shopping malls), and industry (5 global players) sectors, with a considerable pipeline of energy performance demand coming from the region’s private sector. Solar photovoltaic technologies are among Enova’s growth drivers for 2023 and beyond. In parallel, energy-efficient solutions are increasingly enabling regional organizations to optimize their costs, while equally reassuring their own customers of a measurable and sustainable approach to reduce electricity and water usage.

What are the last things you want to add?

I would like to emphasize the importance of integrating energy efficiency with facilities management for optimized results. With proper monitoring and the help of digital platforms such as Enova’s smart monitoring center, Hubgrade, we can achieve energy savings of up to 12% for our clients with zero CapEx, and as much as 40% with CapEx. Increased market regulation and a regional focus on digital transformation are among the major trends that will drive Enova’s continued growth. Companies in Turkey, for example, are increasingly adopting the government’s focus on measurable sustainability goals. At the same time, customers are responding well to the building and system automation Enova can provide as they recognize that AI and other innovations deliver greater insight and digitalized improvements.

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