Dino Lino Funpark, designed in a concept that appeals to children between the ages of 0-16, providing the opportunity to learn while having fun, as well as allowing children to expand their imagination, opened its doors to the visitors at Gebze Center. In our February issue, we had a pleasant conversation with Mustafa Dal, Founder of Dino Lino Funpark, where we also listened to the story of the characters Dino and Lino.

Could you tell our readers about the Dino Lino Funpark that you have recently inaugurated, which play groups appealing to which age range are located in this center, what are the features of the play groups?

Dino Lino Funpark, where children have the opportunity to learn while having fun, appeals to children of all ages (0-16). In Gebze Center, our first branch, we created a unique Amusement Park with Soft Play playground, Trampoline Park, Boat Slide, Climbing Wall, Sand Pool, Water Park, VR-AR unit entertainment as well as different types of entertainment on an area of 2,300 square metres. We continue to increase the dosage of fun with our high security measures, experienced team and high quality service concept.

How did the characters Dino and Lino originate, can you tell us about the process of the creation of these characters that gave the name to your new brand?

As a matter of fact, Dino Lino is a brand that we have been working on meticulously for many years. We wanted to realise the dream world of our children with our half a century of experience in the sector. I would like to briefl y tell you about their story. CEO of Fiba CP Yurdaer Kahraman, Mustafa Dal, CEO of Doğuş GYO Çağan Erkan Dino and Lino are two sibling dinosaurs. The last remaining dinosaurs in the history, unaware of their new story full of adventure and fun, want to escape from the jungle with the vehicle they find wandering in the jungle and end up in a time travel. They greet the modern city life from the jungle life of the past. While the siblings are exploring the environment, Kaya, who is busy with painting, notices the dinosaurs and wants to be friends with them. This is the beginning of their long-lasting friendship… Kaya will be the biggest supporter of Dino and Lino brothers who are trying to get used to city life. Kaya is a clever, slightly mischievous boy who paints murals, but he has very big dreams. He tells his dreams to Dino and Lino brothers and they decide to build a Amusement Park… As Dino Lino Funpark, we wanted to be a part of the dreams of these friends and we realised this project that makes a difference in the entertainment sector.

What do you think will change in the entertainment sector with Dino Lino Funpark, what will be the distinguishing aspects for you in the mind of your visitors?

We gave a new boost to the entertainment sector with our Amusement Park, which we designed from scratch with the motto of “new generation entertainment”. Dino Lino Funpark, designed for children who cannot discharge their energy and with separate playgrounds in each section, provides an environment for our children to improve their personal skills. The most important aspect that makes us different is we offer our children a unique environment with our mascots where they can portray their dreams, create a special entertainment environment for themselves and improve their personal skills, as well as providing an entertainment platform for our child visitors who are happy to share their imagination and be together.