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Seyir Mobil produces all sectoral solutions such as fl eet management, vehicle tracking, reporting with CANbus, data download from digital tachograph, object tracking, wireless cold chain tracking with Bluetooth and trailer matching thanks to its 30 years of logistics experience and strong R&D studies.

Seyir Mobil holds international ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 quality certifi cations and has CE and E-Mark certifi cates for its products.. Seyir Mobil General Manager Yakup Küçük explained the solutions they are offering as a company in the following way: “Thanks to the vehicle tracking system, you can track your vehicles in real time and retroactively 24/7. Moreover, you can assign speed limit defi nitions, idling time, pause alarms to your vehicles; you can get notifi cations when the alarms you have defi ned are breached.” “The fl eet management system, which is one of our building blocks, is a system that keeps track of the fuel, maintenance, traffi c fi nes and all other costs of the vehicles and notifi es the user of periodic renewal procedures such as inspection, insurance and comprehensive insurance.” said Chairman Küçük, adding that thanks to the system, customers are also saved from the extra costs that occur after delays in periodic procedures. Chairman Küçük added that they have solved the problem of downloading data from the digital tachograph that has become one of the biggest problems of international transporters and managers in the recent times in 2 ways and listed the solutions in the following way: 1 When you want to download with TAVI (Local) device, you can connect our device to the compatible digital tachograph of the vehicle and download the data from the tachograph. 2 With the “Remote Digital Tachograph Data Download” solution, you can access and download the tachograph data of your vehicles no matter where you are through the Seyir Mobil system. Chairman Küçük added that thanks to this solution, their customers are saved from potential fi nes and the workload as the legal obligation is fulfi lled, and also mentioned the other solutions they offer as Seyir Mobil in the following words: “As Seyir Mobil, we have developed a system where drivers can instantly track their driving and resting times in real time. According to Remaining Driving Time Tracking system, you can instantly access the real-time driving times generated by the tachograph in all vehicles with digital tachograph. B Another important solution is the Cold Chain Monitoring System. With this system, you can easily monitor the temperature values of the products transported in refrigerated vehicles instantly. The system quickly warns you of possible critical temperature changes and allows you to take precautions. In addition, thanks to the Bluetooth technology used between the temperature sensor and the device, you can avoid the data loss experienced in traditional wiring methods. In addition to temperature monitoring, we also use Bluetooth technology for trailer-tractor pairing. In this solution, our device on the tractor easily pairs with the trailer wirelessly, saving you from extra workload. With the momentary controls you will conduct over the system, you can also view the trailer-tractor pairings in real time.”