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In the fi rst issue of the year, where we hosted F. Melis Maden, Deputy General Manager of HAN Elektronik, Maden told our readers about Alienfence roof software, which will revolutionize the sector as HAN Elektronik.

What kind of software do you use for remote monitoring of your camera systems? What are the distinguishing features of HAN Elektronik from its competitors?

We have developed a new software product idea in some areas that we see lacking globally and that we think the market needs. We tested these software with our dealers in many different projects such as face recognition systems, license plate recognition systems, camera tracking and control systems. With a planned decision, we have developed the idea of “Alienfence Artifi cial Intelligence Based Video and Automation Software” where we can control all devices from a single source. This product, which we plan as a high-tech product, is designed to be integrated into many start-ups that we have developed globally and with our own domestic and national facilities. Alienfence video management software can manage hundreds of different brands of cameras from a single point and record video archives on servers and storage systems. It can enable you to monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world via mobile applications or PC programs uninterrupted, with a cloud backup. With its integration capability, Alienfence can be integrated directly into specifi c products such as card access systems, fi re detection systems with Open API. Alienfence is independent of operating systems, designed and developed with 64-bit architecture. In order to not constantly monitor your cameras, you can set up smart alarms for yourself and it can send you image messages at the time of alarm via programs such as Messenger. Alienfence; reduces business management costs, ensures your security and prevents losses. In case of a possible fl ood, theft, etc., it can automatically integrate with alarm notifi cation centers and autonomously call teams such as police and fi re brigade. With Alienfence, you can control your parking lot and record the vehicles entering and leaving. Alienfence counts the number of visitors in your store and reports how many people come in at what time of the day on a weekly-monthly-annual basis. It creates a profi le about incoming customers, provides you with in-store effi ciency analysis by tracking how much time they spend in which departments. We are coming with a roof software product that will completely revolutionize the industry with our feature that has been tested and tried hundreds of times.

Can you tell us about your international investments in the new year?

What kind of services will you offer for your customers in your sector based on technology? As a company with years of experience in security technologies in Turkey, we will strive to achieve this success globally and to be permanent in the markets we target regionally. In addition to camera systems, we will continue to offer end-to-end integrated solutions and seek new solution partners abroad, especially with our domestic brands; our “AVerFire” brand in addressable and conventional fi re detection systems and our artifi cial intelligence-based “Alienfence” roof software mentioned above.

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