Ürün ve Hizmet


Stating that they believe that the Turkish manufacturing sector needs visibility in many areas, including notably the cleaning industry, TEMSIAD Chairman Kutlu Biçer evaluated the sector and explained his projects as our guest in our November issue.

What are the problems of the Turkish cleaning industry that need to be resolved in the short term, and what role do you, as TEMSİAD, play in this context?

In the short term, the main issues that we believe should be addressed in our country’s cleaning industry is to increase R&D budgets, increase brand values, focus on value-added products and make our companies, which have succeeded to some extent, more visible to a wider range of potential buyers. We believe that the Turkish manufacturing sector needs visibility, especially in the cleaning industry along with many other areas.

Could you please inform our readers about your works that represent the Turkish cleaning industry in the global arena? What are the things you do as an association to help the sector move forward?

I believe that the fundamental solution to all the issues I spotlighted in my response to the first question is to become brand values, focus companies, which have an actor of the global market. Customers contribute to your development and their demands make you expand the limits of your company every time you come into contact with them. Every customer with high expectations becomes a resource that has a direct infl uence on your product development department in that they prompt you to generate ideas. The key to success in this journey of discovery is to reach the world, to become part of the international arena, to participate in fairs and trade delegations and to make an appearance in international written and visual media. In this sense, organizing a cleaning fair in this part of the world, which has a voice and is visible to the world, has always been of utmost importance. As TEMSİAD, we have been striving to achieve this goal for many years. We have now arrived at a point where we aim to make Clean Eurasia, a fair organized by OTF Fuarcılık and supported by our association, go as far as it can. The fair made serious progress and achieved major success this year even though this was only the second time it has been held. Participation in fairs is an issue that requires long-term planning. I hope that our entire industry will embrace this fair over the years and carry it further.

Anything you would like to add?

As TEMSİAD, I would like to state that we value all companies operating in the cleaning industry and we want to see all those stakeholders, who believe in the power of acting together, among us.