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We talked with company owner Kutlu Biçer about the product emergence processes and product details at Karpaks, who explained that they were producing solutions for difficult pet stains with REMUVR, a product developed as a result of long-running R&D studies.

What prompted you to create a pet product?

Solving problems has always been a main focus of our company. For decades the commercial industry put their trust into our products for professional carpet cleaning. We created new formulas every time we encountered a new type of stain.

When we started analyzing why pet stains had remained unsolved in the industry, I got excited and started working on this problem with my research team.

How did you develop your powerful New Generation Pet Stain & Odor Remover formula?

The challenge was that, in contrast to other stains which are mostly of a static nature, that is they don’t change much once they occur, pet stains are rather dynamic. Pet urine or vomit can be composed of almost any ingredient and the microorganisms they contain can continue to live way after a stain occurs.

It took thousands of variations and tests to fi nd the formula that worked best specifi cally for these different types of stain, and the results were amazing.

I am very proud and happy to launch REMUVR, a product we like calling our “magic product”, and I truly hope we can become the ultimate cleaning solution for your family.

Any customer success stories?

Many, actually! We’ve received hundreds of reviews and personal messages on social media, thanking us for coming up with our formula. There was one that I especially enjoyed reading regarding a 1-year-old odor left on high-end headphones that a cat owner was unable to get rid of despite trying every odor eliminator available on the market. And it was REMUVR that did the trick! Success stories like this always put a smile on my team’s face and really show us that we are on the right track.

What makes you stand out from the competition?

We spent over a decade rigorously testing our formulas and fi nding solutions for our daily household problems. Over 10 years spent on research resulted in the most effective and strongest formula we named REMUVR. We work with the highest quality ingredients and make sure our products are child and pet safe. We completely and confidently stand behind our products and give our customers 100% full satisfaction guarantee