Ürün ve Hizmet


Kaya Group, which has increased its export volume by approximately 10% compared to the previous year, expects to reach TL 90M by the end of 2022. In our November issue, we met with Kaya Group Marketing Director Cüneyt Uslu , telling us that their target for 2023 was to make their export volume increase by 30%.

Can you inform our readers about Kaya Group’s overseas activities? What is the position of Kaya Group in the global arena?

Since 1980, Kaya has been leading the industry with its million-dollar intellectual background, high-end staff and state-of-the-art production equipment to establish, develop and understand the importance of the work-at-height market. In order to help grow the sector, it strengthened its activities in this fi eld by establishing the first Design Center in its fi eld in 2017. Having two facilities located in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, the most prestigious and highest capacity industrial zone in Turkey, and one facility in Gebze Plastic Manufacturers Organized Industrial Zone, Kaya manufactures Ropes, Safety Equipment and Systems and is the holder of hundreds of product certificates and quality system certificates issued by internationally accredited certification bodies. Continuing its sales activities in more than 80 countries both in Turkey and abroad, Kaya also provides training and consultancy services to more than 20 countries.

What is your export volume in the safety products you manufacture? How much do you aim to export by the end of 2022?

Our export volume by the end of 2022 is going to be approximately 90 million Turkish Liras. When compared with 2021, 2022 will mark an increase in our volume by approximately 10%. Our target for 2023 is to increase our volume by 30%.

Anything you would like to add?

Kaya Group generates its competencies and resources from its history dating back to 1980 and the activities it has been engaging in ever since. It builds its future in parallel to the rapidly evolving needs and technological development of the sector. Rooted in the value we attach to human life, our philosophy is to design and produce products that aim at protecting human life in work life, and to raise awareness of employees and managers about safe working with the trainings and consultancy services we provide.